A partner equal to your requirements

Our modern foundry is equipped with high-performance automatic moulding machinery specially designed for producing parts in lamellar graphite and ductile iron, in small and medium production runs within a weight range of 0.5 to 600kg.

Our technicians offer optimised solutions for designing complete products, machined and painted to your requirements. To optimise the design of your parts, our Methods department can also provide assistance to your design department.

Regularly trained in computer-aided design techniques, the technicians at Fonderie Schlumberger are key to your success.

We deal with an extensive array of business sectors: machine construction, textiles, transport, civil engineering, refrigeration, street furniture, hydraulics etc.


Responsiveness, experience and high product quality

We make a point of responding quickly and accurately to your request.

The secret of our success is our broad knowledge of and in-depth technical skills in casting. The grades of cast iron cover a wide spectrum, from lamellar graphite irons to ductile irons.
Our particular strengths lie in the cast iron sector involving a high number of cores. Fonderie Schlumberger is moreover recognised for producing impeccable quality cast iron. We also offer components which can be painted, machined and therefore ready to be fitted.

Fonderie Schlumberger has adapted to changes in technology and to your ever-increasingly complex products.

Our objective: impeccable service and quality for your satisfaction.