ISO 9001

Fonderie Schlumberger has been ISO certified since 1997 (ISO 9002), and its ISO 9001 version 2008-2015 certification was renewed on 11 September 2018.

The quality management system is based on a process approach which gives an overall and cross-department view of the operation of the foundry. The management committee have designated a pilot for each process who is responsible for monitoring it to ensure it produces the expected results. Our quality policy is structured around 4 main areas defined by our Managing Director and Technical Director and is applied by all our employees :


  • The desire to involve everyone in disseminating and checking data in order to improve its reliability and the responsiveness of our foundry resulting in attention being paid to the customer's requirements and customer satisfaction.
  • The involvement of our process pilots in implementing of targets, monitoring indicators, identifying any drifts and correcting them in order to consolidate the continuous improvement policy.
  • Disseminate the quality policy and its objectives to all employees, as creating quality products is a source of motivation and satisfaction for everyone involved.
  • Guarantee the manpower and equipment resources required for the company to operate satisfactorily and for the continuous improvement policy of its quality management system.

Our Quality Assurance manager is charged with driving this policy forward and at the same time keeping the management informed during meetings.

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Certification Marine & Offshore

Fonderie Schlumberger has been certified Marine & Offshore by Bureau Veritas on 13 mars 2019.

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